Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

LiveWallpapers anyone ?

Yay, I just created my very first Live Wallpaper !

After several hours of designing, FantasyDawn is now finished !

What does it do ?

- It looks awesome.
- A lot of cool animations, like flying birds or moon phases !
- It is battery efficient
- It looks awesome.
- Wait, did I mention the awesome thing already ?

As always, there's a free version as well as a paid version (0.99€ isn't paid at all...rather semi-paid.).
To get it, search your local Android market or visit :-)

Some screens

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

A new App - AndTracks !

Hey there,

I just finished my newest app, AndTracks !


AndTracks is a handy little tool for Android that tracks, saves and analyzes your route while running, biking, hiking, jogging etc. . You can then review or share your track data and route picture via Facebook or email it to friends.

Okay nice...but what makes this app unique ?

AndTracks focuses on user friendliness and is therefore very easy to use. You just downloaded an app and are helpless how to use it? Not with AndTracks' clean, simple layout.

Furthermore, there are some pretty cool additional features like sharing your track easily via Facebook, charts for speed and altitude or browsing through detailed statistics. Try it out !

In the end, there's also its developer which separates this app from other ones. Since supporting my apps is of great importance, I'm constantly trying to enhance my apps with additional features, while maintaining a close connection to the community. You got some questions or even ideas for the next update ? No problem, just mail me and you'll receive an answer shortly :)

Where to get ?

Android Market