Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

BatterySave - Introduction

It's time to introduce my very first android application - BatterySave

What is BatterySave ?

BatterySave is a little tool that helps you saving battery, without disturbing you while working with your device. Unlike other apps that only let you change your device settings by hand, BatterySave does that automatically for you.

How does it work ?

BatterySave lets you customize up to three different profiles. Within a profil, one can choose when to apply that specific profile (i.e. at which battery level) and which actions should occur upon activation. You can, for example, decide to turn off WiFi + mobile networks and dim the display to 50% brightness once your battery reaches 50%, to save battery.

It's important to note, that BatterySave won't apply any changes while you are working with your device. Changes are only applied if BatterySave detected that you are currently idle, to prevent disabling WiFi while streaming Youtube videos, for example.

Okay sounds nice...but without pictures, i won't even bother !

No problem, here are some:

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