Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

... Even more Live Wallpapers !

True, I've been a little lazy for the past months...here's another awesome wallpaper - app ! :D

RealTime Live Wallpaper 

Aren't the screenshots just awesome? This is a beautiful, highly dynamic Live Wallpaper with a fantasy - like scenery.

- Ever changing background according to daytime
- Day / Night cycles
- Moon phases in respect to the current real time moon phase.
- Lots of animations like meteors, clouds, flares, twinkling stars ...

Everything done with Open GL ES while always having battery efficiency in my mind.

This Live Wallpaper transforms your phone from a dead, technical device into a beautiful, living thing !
Everytime you look at it, the Wallpaper looks slightly different. From a warm, reddish sunrise, over a sunny blue sky up to a pitch black night with an awesome milkyway in the background - everything within this Wallpaper.

The app is available for free, as a fully working 5-day trial version. After that, the app is still usable, but the background won't change anymore. In order to get an unlimited version, you'll have to pay a small fee to get the paid version. :-)

Trial @ Google Play
Pro @ Google Play

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